They’re not just a cute name or that brand with the really cute posts…Glossier’s products are phenomenal! As of late I will admit to trying to go for more of the natural look but I’m all about that coverage. I don’t play. I haven’t got around to trying everything out just yet but what I have thus far has truly captivated me. Let us start with their Perfecting Skin Tint. Well, it’s perfecting. Enough said, right? Wrong! It is weightless, sheer, brightens, blurs, pore-minimizing and I am out of breath. Whew! It is simply a must for those of you that are all about that less is more bit.
In other news: Who of you out there struggle finding an everyday lip color? My hand was most definitely raised high in the sky until I came across Glossier’s Generation G sheer lipstick. I was personally immediately drawn to the shade Cake. It’s a nudie but beautiful shade! Perfect for that everyday lip for sure. These lip colors are not only buildable but they have a MATTE FINISH. Holy crap I am in love with these lippies.
The only thing better than that is the fact that their packaging will make you feel so special and valued as a customer. Along with my order I was also sent super cute stickers, a poster and a reusable makeup bag. They’re the cutest and a must try.


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Your girl is on YouTube!

Please do bare with me as I still am getting my feet wet. This is an entirely new experience and I am simply learning as I go along. 

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Okay, i’m back.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with my Beauty Blog as of late…and I feel terrible about it. I told myself I would blog daily but yet drifted off for a bit. BUT I have TONS to blog about and will be following up with some new posts shortly. Thank you all for your continued support and love.

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Farmhouse Fresh-Pajama Paste (soothing yogurt mask)

Sounds a bit weird, I know. But this is absolutely amazing if you’re into natural products and are on the dryer side. OR if you have crazy redness as I do right in the center of face. 

 Here’s what the product does: 

  • Tightens skin
  • Hydrates 
  • Reduces redness

 Deep cleans pores (temporarily shrinking the look of them)  
This mask is great for all skin types just not recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin. 

 I try not to leave this mask out of my weekly regimen and believe me it shows when I do. I call it a must have. A little goes a long way making it well worth your penny. And like the rest of the FarmHouse Fresh line it smells delicious! Feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks for reading.♡
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Lime Crime Sale!

Okay, I have to share. The site HauteLook pretty much always has sales on all the popular trending brands in makeup. For example Lime Crime. They will be having the brand featured tomorrow which means they’ll be up at discounted prices! I’m signed up for newsletters on top of checking the site religiously to see which brands will be featured next. When these brands get featured they go for just a fraction of what you’d pay directly on the brands site. The brands I have purchased to date off Haute Look is BH cosmetics, Lime Crime, the Balm Cosmetics, Manic Panic cosmetics, Stila, Morphe brushes, Crown brushes, Gorgeous cosmetics and so on. Don’t pay more then you should for cosmetics.  Below is the link to sign up. You’ll have to create a log in to gain access to the sales but that’s it. Also, it is a Nordstrom company which means it is a trusted site and for any orders you’re unhappy with they can be returned to any Norstrom Rack. Happy Shopping!

Coconut Oil for beauty 

I pretty much swear by coconut oil, no shame. There is seriously like a thousand and ten ways to use it AND benefits. Below I’ve listed just the ways I personally use organic coconut oil for beauty purposes. Please do check out the million other ways to use it and how it can help. You may find as I have that it is an inexpensive product that can be used for just about everything. 

1. Lip balm

2. Natural makeup remover

3. Soothing shaving lotion 

4. Hair conditioning treatment (obsessed with the way it leaves my hair feeling silky soft and the sweet scent it leaves behind )

5. Nail cuticle oil

6. Body moisurizer ( a little goes a LONG way) 

7. Hair frizz smoother 

8. Cheekbone highlighter 

9. Metabolism booster

10. Reduce wrinkling and age spots

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